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About Us

“The District” - Northwest Harris County Municipal Utility District #16 (N.W.H.C.M.U.D. #16) was originally created in 1978. Shortly after in 1978, the district annexed 42 additional acres located on FM 529 and also east of the Southwestern Bell Communications building (which is not part of the District). Today, The District includes developable land of 42 acres fronting FM 529 (the annexation tract) and 15 acres along both sides of West Little York. The District currently consists of 316 acres of total land.

Stone Creek-Section 1, the first residential development in The District, was constructed circa February of 1978. However, construction was slowed to a stop in the late 1980s due to the downturn in the economy. Development in The District did not resume again until the mid 1990’s. Today, The District serves the water and waste needs of three subdivisions that consist of approximately 1,000 homes in total (Stone Creek, Westminster Landing and Westminster Village).

The District discovered the first water well (producing Radon) in 1990 and then constructed a temporary 350-gallon-per-minute (gpm) well at Water Plant #1 in Stone Creek to blend the water from both wells. In 2001, The District constructed its’ 3rd water well and then abandoned (and permanently sealed) the 1st well and also disconnected the 2nd well from the water distribution facilities. Well # 3 (located at Water Plant #2) in Westminster Village, now serves the water needs of the entire District. The storage and pressure facilities at Water Plant # 1 are utilized when the water pressure of Water Plant #1 drops to a certain level.

The District recently voted to not join the West Harris County Regional Water Authority (the Authority) and instead has elected to participate in the City of Houston’s Ground Water Reduction Plan. To date, this decision has proven to be very effective in saving money for The District.

Confidentiality of Personal Information

Pursuant to section 182.052 of the Texas Utilities Code, customer information is confidential and is not shared, except as provided by section 182.054. If you wish to grant or rescind the use of your personal information to another individual or entity on your behalf, please visit the Confidentiality of Personal Information page.

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