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Report a Problem!

Problem Reporting!

For Emergencies!! Dial 9-1-1

For Non-Emergencies Call 281-826-4060

NWHCMUD 16 exerts a great amount of effort towards keeping our community safe and crime free. While it is impossible to prevent all crime, there are effective ways to help limit the crime rate in your area. These methods include keeping all windows, homes, and car doors locked. If you or someone in your household recently made a new purchase, it is advised that you collapse all boxes that might be placed curbside for pickup in order to eliminate the possibility of someone distinguishing the item that was recently purchased. Lastly, if going out of town, have a trusted neighbor alternate which home lights are left on, collect your mail, and possibly rearrange the cars in your driveway to prevent your home from appearing vacant.

Furthermore, do your part to help report problems within your community. If you or someone you know witness a crime, legitimate suspicious activity, or need assistance for a non-emergency problem then it is advised to contact On-Site Protection at 281-826-4060. For any emergency situations, please dial 9-1-1 to contact the Harris County Sheriff’s Office.

Help Keep Your Community Safe!

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